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Hello everyone. Now before I begin with this, I just wanna say happy Easter. I know I'm a little late to say that, but I just hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Hopefully you weren't sick like I was and still am. And hopefully nothing bad happen to any of you during Easter. Hope you all are doing well. And I really mean that.

This is hard for me to type and think about all of this at the same time, there is so much I really want to say and express my thoughts on, because this is just unbelievable. I just can't believe that people would do shit like this. So if you can't tell by the title alone, a well known YouTuber known as Creepsmcpasta who narrates Creepypastas and other scary stories, he was robbed. And he actually made a video about it too which I'll link right here with the gofundme link in it's description.
But not only was he robbed, but his home was fucking wreck as well. Literally. It looked as if somebody had a party at his house and everyone decided to go there and destroy the place. Now, I don't know who the hell robbed him and why the hell they robbed him but they stole all of his things he used for YouTube as well as many other belongings. All of his work that he did for five whole years is gone. And if that ain't plain out soul-crushing enough, Creepsmcpasta actually began crying in the video. Crying! And that broke my heart seeing the thing that he loved to do being taken away like that and I'm not evening saying because he does it. He loves being a Creepypasta narrator and he said so himself in the video. He loves doing Creepypastas, that's his carer, this is what he loves, and seeing that being taken away from him is probably the most heart-wrenching things to ever happen to him. It's really hard to watch and listen to. Now of course I'm mad at these people or person who stole from him and I fucking hope that the police would catch their ass or asses. As for Creepsmcpasta, I have a few things I want to say to him. I have doubts that he's gonna see this or anyone seeing this or even caring, but if he does see this let be the first to say, be brave. I know your paranoid by this, I know your scared of what's gonna happen next, whether if their gonna gonna come back, but being scared won't help you. You need to be brave, stay strong, and have hope. I believe that you could get back on your feet. And it's not just that me believes in you, your fans, your friends, your family, everyone. We all are here for you. Always keep your head up, they might've torn you down, but they failed of destroying you. You could rebuild yourself back up and who knows, it may turn out better than ever before.

I don't know what else to say about this. I'm hoping that somebody spreads the word about this, maybe start a donation or something. This was something that was bothering me all day and I wanted to say something about this. And I also really wanna know what you the reader think let me know down in the comment section down below. Hope you all have a happy Easter. Show your support to Creepsmcpasta, he really needs it. And spread the word. Love you all.



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Aaliyah Marie Ayala
United States
Just an autistic girl drawing stuff.


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